The company was invited to participate in the "Shiyan City 2023 enterprise school double into the theme"

2023-11-23 11:50:20

On November 20, Shiyan City 2023 enterprise school double into the theme activity was held in Hubei Institute of Automotive Industry。Yu Xiang, Deputy Director of Achievement Transformation and Regional Innovation Department of Hubei Science and Technology Department, Lu Min, Marketing Director of Hubei Technology Exchange, Luo Yaohua, Deputy Mayor of Shiyan City Government, Liu Jun, Director of Shiyan Science and Technology Bureau, Zhang Wenxue, Party Secretary of Hubei Institute of Automotive Industry and other leaders attended the event。

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The theme of this event is "Enterprise and school double progress to promote integration, transformation and development",It aims to promote the city to create a good innovation ecology,Stimulate the vitality of innovation entities,We will vigorously enhance the collaborative innovation ability of science and technology enterprises and universities and institutions,Enhance the local conversion rate of scientific and technological achievements,To help Shiyan green and low-carbon development demonstration zone construction and "one main, four advantages and more support" industrial transformation and upgrading。During the event, the provincial industrial technology innovation Consortium, industrial technology Research Institute, intellectual innovation demonstration base, and enterprise-school joint innovation center were awarded in 2023, and the signing ceremony of key achievement transformation projects was held。Our company was invited to participate in the event and accept the award with the project of "Joint Innovation Center for Water purification enterprises and schools in the water source area of the Middle Route of the South-to-North Water Transfer Project"。

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"Water Purification enterprise-school Joint Innovation Center in the water source Area of the Middle Route of the South-to-North Water Diversion Project" provides a new starting point for the construction of the smart environmental protection Industry College cooperated by our company,It provides a higher and broader platform for the advancement of the company's research and development topics,We look forward to the enterprise-school joint innovation Center to bring us more cutting-edge technologies and a broader vision,Bring new vitality to all areas of the company。

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